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Press Release

December 26, 2017

Help Us Get Justice For Amar Kaur and Other Families That Have Been Forgotten

(Pleasanton, CA)

Dear Supporter,

Amar Kaur lost her son Satpal Singh Pappu. Punjab Police detained him twice for the minor offense of brewing alcohol; yet he paid the ultimate price. Police forced Amar Kaur to witness the murder of her son. They coerceding him into drinking poisoned milk, and she was powerless to stop them. Ensaaf will represent Amar Kaur's voice and many others like it before governments, the UN, and the media to build consensus among the international community and support for survivors. We need your contribution to create this change.

2018 Will Be The Year We Transform Our Work

Ensaaf has been working diligently to document cases like Amar Kaur’s. We’ve progressed to the next phase of our documentation project to build an interactive data visualization site, which will store all of the information, and get it out to the public and government officials throughout the world. The evidence we present will shift the debate from one of denial to acknowledging crimes against humanity in Punjab and strengthen future legal proceedings.

Today, we’re asking you to make an end of year donation. Every dollar you give, up to $40,000, will be matched through January 10th.

Your support can change the ending to Amar Kaur’s story and for so many other families. Hear Amar Kaur; help her get justice.

Help us reach our goal, and share this message via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Sukhman and Jaskaran,
Ensaaf Co-Founders