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Press Release

December 25, 2016

Tell Our Story to the World

(Pleasanton, CA)

“The government doesn’t care about me sitting here in my home. They think I have no power. But I’m asking you to to tell this story to the world. So the world can force this government to redress it.” - Kashmir Singh

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Ensaaf’s plans to create a map of disappearances in Punjab, village-by-village, revealing individual case narratives, photographs, and videos of survivors and victims of the Decade of Disappearances in Punjab. That map will showcase each case documented by Ensaaf over its multi-year project that reached 12,000 villages in Punjab. The visualization will unveil and preserve testimonies of state abuse.

This visualization, and many others, will be one part of Ensaaf’s Virtual Site of Conscience (VSC) that we will begin building next year. The VSC will include an immersive sensory experience, data visualizations, documentary films and oral histories, a portrait gallery, an advocacy interface, a human rights archive, and a resource center.

Today, we introduce you to another visualization that we cannot create without your support. Ensaaf aims to build an interactive visualization to further expose the widespread and systematic extent of the unlawful killings and disappearances in Punjab, similar to the interactive map prepared by Peacebuilding Data on the D.R. Congo. Ensaaf’s visualization will present its survey data in an interactive map, allowing the user to explore demographics of victims, prior detentions and experiences of torture, witnesses to the abuses, characteristics of the unlawful killing or disappearance, how security forces disposed of bodies, subsequent harassment experienced by families, remedies pursued, if any, and remedies desired, among other issues.

KPS Gill--the police chief and an architect of the abuses in Punjab--has consistently denied that his forces committed systematic abuses. Instead he has referred to human rights defenders as “an utterly compromised...lobby” that are “part of a propaganda war aimed against peace and stability.” The VSC visualizations will snuff his arguments once and for all, demonstrating that Indian security forces committed crimes against humanity in Punjab.

Our partnership with you has demonstrated that a focused vision, combined with real resources, can accomplish what many said was too difficult. Please donate now and play a role in making history.