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Press Release

December 10, 2016

Save A Testimony on Human Rights Day

(Pleasanton, CA)

On Human Rights Day, please reflect on the families of Punjab waiting for truth and justice for their disappeared and unlawfully killed loves ones. Now, more than ever, we need your support to help us preserve every possible survivor testimony of Punjab’s Decade of Disappearances.

Through its Punjab Documentation Project, Ensaaf has visited each of Punjab’s 12,000+ villages and urban areas to document cases of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions.

This documentation will form the basis for a Virtual Site of Conscience. Among other things, the VSC will include an immersive sensory experience, data visualizations, documentary films and oral histories, and a portrait gallery.

We invite you to help make the Virtual Site of Conscience a reality.

Your donations have made it possible for us to travel to Punjab over the past years and record video testimonies from previously unknown survivors. Many of the people we have interviewed are elderly, and some have already passed away. It is critical that we prepare and release these testimonies as soon as possible. This testimony has the power to change minds, rebut false narratives, and build a foundation for healing.

Thank you for your generous support and commitment to truth and justice!