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Press Release

November 16, 2016

Bring A Family’s Story to the World

(Pleasanton, CA)

Donate To Ensaaf

Until November 20, the Dasvandh Network is waiving all credit card and ACH fees, so 100% of your donation will go to Ensaaf. If you make a recurring donation today, DVN will donate an extra $100 to Ensaaf while funds last. Please donate today!

This year, Ensaaf is raising funds for its Oral History and Video Testimonial Project. As part of its goal to build a Virtual Site of Conscience (VSC), Ensaaf is creating a searchable, tagged video archive of 200 oral histories. The VSC will include an immersive sensory experience, data visualizations, documentary films and oral histories, a portrait gallery, an advocacy interface, a human rights archive, and a resource center.

You Can Help Fund Specific Projects

You can help fund video testimonies on disappearances, unlawful killings, or the torture of family members of victims. For example, with your support we can prioritize the completion of Charnjit Kaur’s video testimonial. Indian security officials abducted Charnjit Kaur from her home at 4:30 in the morning, covering her face with her own scarf. They tortured her for five days in illegal detention, stretching her legs apart more than 180 degrees, and waterboarding her. They were looking for her son, Jagjit Singh. Later, Punjab Police officials “disappeared” her son. He was 16 years old.

Learn more about Ensaaf, by reading up on recent projects:

The Dasvandh Network (DVN) is a platform where donors and organizations can participate in the spirit of Dasvandh, the Sikh practice of contributing one-tenth of a person’s earnings to the common good of the community.

Thank you for your support!