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Press Release

December 22, 2015

Harjinder Singh's Wedding

(Pleasanton, CA)

Two Weeks to Raise $100,000

There are two weeks left in our #WhyIGiveToEnsaaf campaign. To date, we have only raised $9,626. With your contributions, we have reached around 12,000 villages to date. Be our partner in making 2016 a success by helping us reach the remaining 1,000 villages.

Story of Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh was 26 years old when officials from Punjab Police, Central Reserve Police Force, and the Border Security Force killed him. His family did not receive his body or ashes. Harjinder Singh’s family wants the government to establish a truth commission, publicly acknowledge the unlawful killings, and create a memorial for victims of human rights abuses, among other demands.

Why Bachittar Singh, Program Manager, Gives to Ensaaf

“These testimonies remind us of the loss and denial of justice these families experienced.” – Bachittar Singh

I give my time to Ensaaf because it provides me with the opportunity to help materialize a survivor's memory of their loved one, collected during our Punjab Documentation Project. The Punjab Police and the Indian government did everything possible to erase these individuals from existence, going as far as to destroy their pictures and possessions. However, every day I can help recreate a family member's last memory of their loved one, prior to his/her unlawful killing or disappearance. These testimonies remind us of the loss and denial of justice these families experienced.

Help Us Hire Additional Staff

Help us reach our $100,000 goal in the next two weeks, so we can hire two staff members to help us process the testimonies we have collected.

Join us and spread the word by participating in the #WhyIGiveToEnsaaf campaign.

Thank you!