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December 11, 2015

Balwinder Singh’s Turban

(Pleasanton, CA)

Balwinder Singh’s Favorite Colors

Balwinder Singh was 22 years old and wore a maroon turban on the day police killed him. On March 22, 1993, Punjab Police abducted Balwinder Singh while he was on a bus with his mother. Later that evening, they killed him in a fake encounter. The police did not return his body to his family.


As you reflect on Balwinder Singh’s story, please join Ensaaf’s #WhyIGiveToEnsaaf campaign. Click here to add the official campaign logo over your Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture. We are asking our supporters to let us know why you give your time, money, or social media space to Ensaaf. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2015 to hire two staff--two more people dedicated to recording testimonies of police abuse and achieving justice for the Decade of Disappearances in Punjab.

Why Sandeep Kaur, Office Manager, gives to Ensaaf

“We need to capture these stories. We need to stand up against these injustices. If we don’t do this, who will?” – Sandeep Kaur

I have been taught to ‘Never Forget 1984.’ So, I remember the thousands of families whose loved ones were mercilessly snatched away from them, who are still seeking answers while knowing that the culprits are out enjoying their lives and abusing their power. Still, remembering 1984 is not enough. I give my time to Ensaaf because we need to act. We need to capture these stories. We need to stand up against these injustices. If we don’t do this, who will?


Yesterday, on Human Rights Day, Khalra Mission Organisation, the Punjab Human Rights Organisation, and Ensaaf released a new web-based human rights tool to help empower victims of government abuse to report their experiences at ReportPunjabPolice.org. The data collected through ReportPunjabPolice.org, in Punjabi or English, will shine a spotlight on the officials and institutions that violate human rights.

Help us continue our work. Please donate today. Help spread the word by participating in the #WhyIGiveToEnsaaf campaign.

Thank you!