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Press Release

May 31, 2015

A Song To Remember

(Pleasanton, CA)

“When the Sikh religion is in danger, the Guru’s beloved Sikh will stand in front like a mountain and defend it.”

On the 31st anniversary of the Indian Army assault on the Harmandir Sahib complex, Ensaaf releases A Song to Remember.

Through A Song to Remember, Manbir Singh Mand and Jatinderpal Singh pay tribute to their three uncles, killed by Indian security forces during the Decade of Disappearances in Punjab (1984-1995).

In July 1986, Indian security forces illegally detained, tortured, and unlawfully killed 15-year-old Satnam Singh and 17-year-old Lakhwinder Singh. The Punjab Police also killed Harbhajan Singh in a genuine encounter.

Ensaaf met the singers during its project documenting disappearances and unlawful killings throughout Punjab. This video features footage from the 1984 Indian Army assault on the Harmandir Sahib complex and of survivors of the unlawfully killed or disappeared in Punjab.

The attack in June 1984, during which the Indian Army killed thousands of civilians, launched the Decade of Disappearances. During this decade, Indian security forces committed gross human rights violations in Punjab, including widespread and systematic torture, murder, and disappearances. Impunity prevails as the vast majority of perpetrators have escaped accountability.

Support Ensaaf as we continue our work of documenting abuses, bringing perpetrators to justice, and organizing survivors. Watch. Share. Donate.