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Press Release

December 24, 2014

Amplify a Mother’s Voice for Justice

(Pleasanton, CA)

In this video, a mother recalls her son’s last meal just before Punjab Police abducted him: “He loved okra, so he ate one or two rotis with okra, and left.” Today, we are asking you to stand with this mother, and countless other mothers, fathers, wives, children and siblings, and help them be counted.

Please donate today and help us raise $45,000 so we can accomplish even more in 2015.

Watch her recollect her last day with her son and his abduction by police. This mother calls for justice; please help us amplify and advocate for her demands. Donate today so that we can continue to document each case of disappearance and unlawful killing.

This year, you helped us:

We need your help to make great strides in 2015. Please donate today and help us raise $45,000, by December 31, so we can hire more staff and accomplish even more in 2015. Let’s start the new year strong!

Thank you!