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August 06, 2014

We Are Not Giving Up Our Rights

(Pleasanton, CA)

Our 50-day matching fundraising campaign ends on August 21. With only 15 days left to Double Your Dollar, please donate to Ensaaf now! We have raised $30,000 but need $280,000 to continue to operate for the next six months.

While we have made significant progress in fighting impunity since we started ten years ago, we still have a long way to go. We have reached thousands of families in our documentation effort, but have more stories to record.

We need your help in supporting those who are battling the unjust judicial system, like ex-Punjab Police officer Satwant Singh Manak. Ensaaf released The Last Killing, an original documentary that chronicles Manak’s fight for justice for the survivors of ten victims of unlawful killings. It has been 21 years since the Punjab Police filed false cases against Manak and tortured him for standing up for human rights.

We have raised $30,000 but need $280,000 to continue to operate for the next six months.

“We are not going to give up our right. We have to get justice,” Manak told Ensaaf after the High Court rejected his petition for an inquiry into those unlawful killings. In April, we took our battle to the Supreme Court with a special leave petition, and the Court accepted our petition in June.

Let’s make sure we help Manak and others like him achieve justice. Let’s make sure every testimony of unlawful killing or disappearance is recorded. Please donate now.

Help spread the word by sharing Ensaaf’s Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Tweets using the hashtags #DoubleYourImpact, #EndImpunity and #Ensaaf.

Thank you!