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Press Release

July 15, 2014

Double Your Donation

and Give Voice to More Survivors

(Pleasanton, CA)

Thank you to everyone who has donated during the first two weeks of our Double Your Impact campaign. With only 5 weeks left, we ask you to help us reach more families, document more cases, record more videos, and fight more legal cases. A group of generous donors will match your donation for every dollar we raise, until August 21, 2014. Please donate now.

This video is just one example of our work to end impunity and achieve justice for victims of mass state crimes. Ensaaf’s documentation of human rights abuses in Punjab takes many forms, and one of the most powerful forms is survivor videos. On the 30th Anniversary of Operation Bluestar this past June, we presented A Witness Among the Bodies: Surviving Bluestar, an eyewitness account of the Indian Army assault on the Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar, Punjab, from June 1 to June 6, 1984. This account is coupled with archival footage of the inside of the complex, filmed during that first week of June by the Associated Press. The exclusive eyewitness interview reveals how the Indian Army intentionally killed thousands of civilians and used excessive force during the assault.

Please donate today and help spread the word by sharing Ensaaf’s Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Tweets using the hashtags #DoubleYourImpact, #EndImpunity and #Ensaaf.

Thank you!