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June 4, 2014

Ensaaf Featured on BBC

(Pleasanton, CA)

The BBC has highlighted Ensaaf’s work in a new article entitled “How Punjab's missing thousands are being forgotten.” In this news story, Jastinder Khera reports from Amritsar on the case of Satwant Singh Manak, a family’s long wait for justice, and the Punjab government’s lack of action to end human rights abuses.

Bringing human rights violators to account “is about strengthening the country. It's good for India to uphold its own laws and human rights provisions in these cases,” says Co-Director and Co-Founder of Ensaaf, Jaskaran Kaur.

Ensaaf recently released online The Last Killing, an original award winning documentary that chronicles police whistleblower Satwant Singh Manak’s long struggle for justice for the survivors of ten victims of unlawful killings. May 23, 2014 marked 21 years since the Punjab Police filed false cases against Manak to punish him for standing up for human rights.

Last week, on the 30th Anniversary of Operation Bluestar, Ensaaf released an eyewitness account of the Indian Army’s assault on the Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar, Punjab, from June 1 to June 6, 1984. The short film features original content and archival footage filmed during that first week of June by the Associated Press, including an interview with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, bullet holes, and pilgrims filling up pails of water, among other scenes from inside of the complex. The exclusive eyewitness interview reveals how the Indian Army intentionally killed thousands of civilians and used excessive force during the assault.

Manak’s story and the Bluestar survivor’s account inspire us to continue our work to document abuses and end impunity In India. In an interview aired on the Sikh Channel (UK), Ensaaf Co-Founder and Co-Director Jaskaran Kaur shares how Ensaaf was started and why it is crucial that we are able to complete our documentation projects. To do this, we need your help and support.

Thank you!