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May 13, 2014

Watch. Share. Donate. The Last Killing Online Release.

(Pleasanton, CA)

On May 23, 2014, Ensaaf will release its film The Last Killing online. The Last Killing chronicles police whistleblower Satwant Singh Manak’s fight for justice for the survivors of ten victims of unlawful killings. May 23 marks 21 years since the Punjab Police filed false cases against Manak, to punish him for standing up for human rights. Watch Baljit Kaur talk about how the police harassed Manak.

When Ensaaf interviewed Manak, he told us: “I will not be intimidated, nor scared, nor sold.” On April 2, Ensaaf helped Manak file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Join Manak and Ensaaf in the fight for justice by promoting the online release of The Last Killing. We ask you to WATCH. SHARE. DONATE.

  • Watch - the film online on May 23, 2014
  • Share - the YouTube link, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Tweets using #TheLastKilling and #Justice4Manak
  • Donate - to help Ensaaf cover the legal fees for Manak's Supreme Court appeal
“I will not be intimidated, nor scared, nor sold.”
– Satwant Singh Manak

Last week marked a limited victory in the long fight for human rights in Punjab when Sessions Judge Poonam R. Joshi convicted three police officers in the abduction and murder of Kuljit Singh Dhatt 25 years ago. However, her sentence was a slap on the wrist: 5 years for murder. Thousands of families wait for justice for the disappearances and unlawful killings perpetrated by Indian security forces in Punjab from 1984 to 1995.

Please show your support for Manak and the families who have fought for justice for over 20 years. Thank you!