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Press Release

December 10, 2013

$10 on the 10th

(Pleasanton, CA)

On this 10th of December, we ask you to commit to $10/month to support our work.

Today, as we commemorate Human Rights Day, Ensaaf thanks you for your support in ending impunity and achieving justice for disappearances and unlawful killings during the Decade of Disappearances in Punjab, India. In 1950, the UN General Assembly proclaimed December 10th as Human Rights Day to educate the world about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fifty-three years later, it is more important than ever to continue our work as human rights advocates.

As Darshan Kaur, the mother of a teen disappearance victim said, "He was a just a boy. And I want to know what they did to him."

One simple way you can help Ensaaf continue our work to document abuses, fight legal cases, and organize survivors is by becoming a monthly donor. On this 10th of December, we ask you to commit $10/month to support our work. Help us reach every village in Punjab as we work to document unlawful killings and disappearances perpetrated by Indian security forces.