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December 21, 2012

Graffiti-Inspired Piece Wins Decade of Disappearances Art Contest

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(Pleasanton, CA) From 1984 to 1995, Indian security forces disappeared and unlawfully killed thousands of people in Punjab, India. Despite the widespread and systematic human rights abuses at the time, brave human rights defenders and survivors risked their lives to speak out. Now, the people’s commitment to achieve justice and end impunity inspires a new generation of artists to support justice in Punjab.

Please donate to Ensaaf between now and December 31, and receive a print of Handa's painting.

Last month, Ensaaf launched the Decade of Disappearances Art Contest. We now present the artwork of the winner, Priya Handa. Handa is an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her painting infuses elements of graffiti art. As Handa writes about her piece, "In this painting, nothing is still or concrete....The word 'Ensaaf,' written both in Gurmukhi and English is made to stand out, because this is our primary concern: bringing justice, not just to Sikhs but to all."

Please donate to Ensaaf between now and December 31, and receive a print of Handa's painting. We are working hard to document every disappearance and unlawful killing in Punjab, and we need your help. We are building a community of activists ready to tell the world our story, and we need you to join. Our commitment to human rights in Punjab is steadfast.

Handa's work, as well as the pieces of the second and third place winners, is currently featured on our Facebook page. We will also be adding the artwork of all those who submitted to the contest.

Here, at Ensaaf, we are thankful that our Decade of Disappearances Art Contest introduced us to inspiring artists with a commitment to human rights. We want to make justice a reality; let us know that you do, too.

Thank you,

The Ensaaf Team