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Press Release

January 20, 2010

Cast your vote in remembrance of Sikh victims of human rights violations


Dear friends,

A substantial opportunity has fallen into the lap of the Sikh community.

In light of Jakara's recent Chase Community Giving win on Facebook, this grassroots nonprofit has moved into round two for a chance to win one million dollars. If they succeed, they have committed to working towards establishing the first Sikh museum in North America,* including a memorial space commemorating the thousands of Sikhs who have been disappeared, unlawfully killed, or persecuted by the government of India since 1984.

Ensaaf has developed an intimate relationship with the survivor community, and can attest to its strong desire for public acknowledgment of the human rights abuses committed by the Indian state. If Jakara wins the one million dollars, it will work with Ensaaf to create this space for educating the public about human rights violations in India.

Please vote on Facebook by Friday, January 22 to help the human rights memorial come to pass and show survivors they have not been forgotten:

If you already have a Facebook account:

1) Become a "fan"of Chase Community Giving.
2) On their list of the Top 100 Charities, click on the green button that says "View The Leaderboard."
3) Find and click on Jakara.
4) Click on the "Vote For Charity" button.

If you don't have a Facebook account:

1) Click here to watch a short instructional video on how to create one.
2) To vote, follow the steps above.

Thank you for voting on behalf of the survivor community.

All the best,

Sukhman Dhami

*Please note that Facebook only allows organizations to feature one project. Therefore, although Jakara has publically committed to working to make the museum a reality upon winning, it features the Mata Gujri Women's Center on its Facebook page as their "Big Idea". Jakara will work towards achieving both objectives if it receives the one million dollars. The women's center is showcased because Jakara feels a womens center would better attract non-Sikh voters.