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November 2, 2009

Ensaaf Commemorates 25th Anniversary of 1984 Pogroms with BART Ad Campaign & Mercury News Op-Ed:
Help Shape the Debate on Human Rights in India

(California) On November 2, Ensaaf launched an ad campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area's metro system, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the November 1984 pogroms of Sikhs in India. On the same day, the Mercury News also published Ensaaf's op-ed discussing the anniversary of the pogroms and its continuing impact on India and even the Bay Area.


Your voice was heard on TIME.com - within hours of receiving our call to action, you brought India's Anti-Sikh Riots: Waiting for Justice to #1 of TIME's most emailed list.

And you now have another opportunity to impact media coverage on human rights abuses in India.Drive traffic to the op-ed, get your voice heard, and let the editors know that human rights abuses in India matter to Americans.

In the op-ed, Ensaaf Co-Director Jaskaran Kaur discusses the anniversary of the November 1984 pogroms and the continuing impact of impunity. "Twenty-five years after the state-sponsored massacres of Sikhs in India, and thousands of miles away, the politics of hate motivating such crimes affects the Bay Area. In our fascination with India's culture and economic power, the American public and its leaders have ignored the reality of pervasive human rights abuses. This affects the Bay Area, where Indian hate groups have received ideological and financial support by people, politicians and corporations unaware of the origins of these groups," writes Kaur.

The op-ed highlights the connections between impunity for the November 1984 massacres, the 2002 Gujarat pogroms, and India-US transnational hate groups who finance communal violence through the guise of participating in American civic life.

Can you help amplify the campaign?

Please read the article, comment, and forward the op-ed to as many people as possible.

If you have a few more moments for human rights, please send a letter to the editor to thank them for covering human rights issues in India.

BART Campaign

For the month of November, Ensaaf has placed 20 large poster-size ads at the busiest stops in the San Francisco Bay Area's metro system.

For the month of November, Ensaaf has placed 20 large poster-size ads at the busiest stops in the San Francisco Bay Area's metro system - both BART (subway) and MUNI (bus), bringing attention to the government-organized pogroms. Over 500,000 mass transit riders a day will be exposed to this education campaign for the entire month of November.

In the ad, an elderly woman wipes tears from her eyes during a protest in Delhi against political leaders implicated in the massacres. Her image is juxtaposed with the words, "25 years ago, our loved ones were burned alive in front of our eyes. Why has India, the world's largest democracy, denied us justice?" The poster further states, "For more information on the organized massacre of Sikhs in November 1984, involving death squads led by police and politicians, please visit www.indiaabuses.com."

If you are a BART or MUNI rider, please take a picture of the ad and send it to Ensaaf. Twenty posters are on display at the following stations: Embarcadero (Muni, 3), Montgomery (MUNI, 3), Powell (MUNI, 3), Berkeley (BART, 4), Oakland Coliseum/Airport (BART, 3), and 12th Street Oakland City Center (BART, 4).

Ensaaf will post a picture of the ad on its website shortly.

Support Ensaaf, a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, as it works to end impunity and achieve justice for mass state crimes in Punjab, India by documenting and exposing human rights violations, bringing perpetrators to justice, and organizing survivors to advocate for their rights to truth, justice, and reparations.