Appear for the Disappeared on March 8, 2014

In this video, Surjeet Kaur recounts about Harjinder Singh, “When he was taken into custody, [the police] took him to the canal. There they dragged him and shot him. The pain stays with you your entire life…. He was so good natured. What is written, comes to pass.” Like Surjeet Kaur, thousands of mothers are […]

Disappeared But Not Forgotten

Despite everything being well, nothing is well The mother whose son is not alive The brother whose sister is dying The wife whose husband, despite being alive, is not alive – Gunjiv ‘Baagi’ Singh The First Annual Ensaaf 5K Walk was a reminder of the need to achieve justice for those disappeared by Indian security […]

Why Ambri Pukhraj Will Appear for the Disappeared (5K Walk)

In this video, Ensaaf’s Development Director Ambri Pukhraj, shares why she joined Ensaaf and invites you to participate in Appear for the Disappeared, Ensaaf’s 5K fundraising walk in Fremont, CA on April 6, 2013. We’re also thrilled to have supporters joining us in New York City and London! In both cities, a group of walkers […]

Who Are the Disappeared? (5K Walk)

Watch family members share their stories of the disappeared and learn about Ensaaf’s work. On Saturday, April 6, will you appear in the memory of a victim of disappearance? Let’s act and show solidarity to survivors of disappearances in Punjab. As professor Judith Herman said: “All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing […]

Why Satvinder Kaur Dhaliwal Will Appear for the Disappeared (5K Walk)

Program Manager Satvinder Kaur Dhaliwal shares why she joined Ensaaf and asks you to Appear for the Disappeared on April 6, 2013 at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, CA. We are counting on you to help us commemorate 500 victims of disappearances through this event. Each registrant will receive a short bio of a person who […]