Thank you for your Support in 2014

We, at Ensaaf, thank you for your support this year. It helped us:

-Document cases in 3,500 villages,
-Record 130 video interviews
-Help convict 3 police officers in a 25-year unlawful killing case,
-Win the Amnesty International Best Human Rights Short Award,
-Get cited in the BBC, LA Times, and more.

We couldn’t have done this without you. You chose to stop the tide of forgetting, stand with the survivors, and join the struggle for justice.
We need your help for a successful year in 2015.

Will you help us raise $45,000 in the next two weeks so we can hire more staff?

We want to reach every village in Punjab and we can do it this year with your help. We want to record more video interviews, analyze more testimonies, and help win key legal cases. This is your story to tell—help us start the year strong.

Thank you!

Watch. Share. Donate.

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