Amplify Kulwinder Kaur’s Voice for Justice

In this video, Kulwinder Kaur describes how her young daughter struggled to make sense of her father’s absence, after he was killed by Punjab Police. Her young daughter would tell people, “I have a father. I have a father who doesn’t walk. But I have a father in a photograph.” Today, we are asking you to stand with this wife, and countless other wives, mothers, fathers, children, and siblings, and help them be counted.

Watch her call for justice to investigate the police officers who killed her husband, Paramjeet Singh; please help us amplify and advocate for her demands.

We need your help so we can accomplish even more in 2015. So far, we’ve raised $3,930.00. Please donate today and help us raise $45,000, by December 31. Your donation will allow us to make more hires and pursue more cases, ensuring we continue to make an impact in 2015 and beyond. Let’s start the new year strong!

Watch. Share. Donate.

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