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The Last Killing

Nirmal Singh Nimma

Nirmal Singh was between 22 and 25 years old when police unlawfully killed him in 1992. He worked as a day laborer and lived in Moga district. Nirmal Singh was married to Manjit Kaur and had one child born six months after his execution.

Prior to the detention leading to his killing, police detained and tortured Nirmal Singh. His brother Baura Singh describes that the policemen “applied rollers, tore [Nirmal Singh’s] groins, and hung [him] upside down to brutally beat [him] with sticks.” After the torture, “blood started coming out of [Nirmal Singh’s] mouth,” and the policemen released Nirmal Singh. After Nirmal Singh recovered, policemen came to his home again to take him into custody. Afraid of the police, Nirmal Singh ran away. Baura Singh describes, “The Bhagha Purana police brutally beat my father and the women of our family with sticks in our home. After this, the policemen also brutally beat my mother and Nirmal Singh’s wife in the police station. During the beating, police hung them upside down and hit them with sticks.” The policemen demanded that Nirmal Singh’s family present him to them. They released his father and the women of his family after keeping them in custody for 15 days and beating them.

In March 1992, ten to 12 uniformed policemen from Bhaga Purana police station took custody of Nirmal Singh from his home. Nirmal Singh’s spouse and other relatives witnessed the abduction. A week later, security officials from Criminal Intelligence Agency Staff executed Nirmal Singh near a river in Faridkot. Nirmal Singh’s family learned of his execution through a report in the Ajit newspaper, which described the execution as a genuine encounter.

Manak witnessed the police torture and execute both Nirmal Singh and Baljinder Singh in the same faked encounter. In his legal case papers, Manak implicates the following police officers in these crimes: Inspector Gurmej Singh Dhola and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Bachan Singh Randhawa in both cases, and two additional policemen in Baljinder Singh’s case: Sub Inspector (SI) Hardial Singh Malhi and Head Constable Om Parkash.