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The Last Killing

Kulwant Singh Kanta

Kulwant Singh Kanta was a 15 to 16 year old young man, who had passed the 10th grade. I unlocked Kulwant Singh Kanta’s handcuffs, and sat back in the [police] car.

I watched the entire scene unfold from there. An innocent child, who had studied in tenth grade, who had yet to experience the world, and they killed him. So I decided to leave this job. And I raised my voice against the police.

— Satwant Singh Manak

Kulwant Singh, also known as Kanta, was 15 to 20 years old when police unlawfully killed him. Kulwant Singh had completed 10th grade, lived in Faridkot district, and worked as a farmer.

According to Kulwant Singh’s brother Jangeer Singh, on April 2, 1992, five to six uniformed Punjab policemen from Moga beat Kulwant Singh and took him into custody from his relative’s home in village Thatha Kishan Singh in Firozpur district. The police party included ASI Gurcharan Singh, ASI Manjit Singh, and ASI Ajmer Singh. Kulwant Singh’s cousin and aunt or uncle witnessed the abduction but security forces did not inform the witnesses about where they were taking him. The family learned that police detained Kulwant Singh at CIA Staff in Moga for five days between April 2, 1992 and April 6, 1992.

On April 6, 1992, police from CIA Staff Moga executed Kulwant Singh near the drain in village Raoke in Moga district. Manak later informed the family that security forces had killed Kulwant Singh in a fake encounter. Jangeer Singh told Ensaaf, “Satwant Singh Manak… used to be a police employee, but he left his job [with the] police after witnessing police brutality with the poor. [Satwant Singh] told us, ‘… [Security forces] clubbed [Kulwant Singh], hung him upside down to beat him, and tore his groin. On the third day, [they] took [him] to the bridge in village Raoke… [And] opened fire on Kulwant Singh and killed [him].’”

In his legal case papers, Satwant Singh Manak implicates Inspector Gurmej Singh Dhola and ASI Surjit Singh in the torture and murder of Kulwant Singh. He further states that the police killed Kulwant Singh with Baldev Singh.