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The Last Killing

Gurmukh Singh

Gurmukh Singh was 21 to 22 years old, married to Kuldeep Kaur, and had two children. He was a graduate student and also worked as a farmer. Prior to the detention leading to his killing, the police detained and tortured Gurmukh Singh on two occasions, and also persecuted his family members.

Between August 31, 1991 and September 29, 1991, 20 to 22 uniformed security officials of the Punjab Police from CIA Staff Moga took custody of Gurmukh Singh from a roadside in village Landeke in Moga district. Malagar Singh, his father, describes that Gurmukh Singh “had gone to get some things for the tractor from Moga. [Gurmukh Singh] was returning home when the CIA Staff, Moga, took my son and a tractor mechanic into custody from the bus near village Landeke (Moga)”. DSP Randhawa of the Punjab Police from CIA Staff Moga was involved in the incident. A co-villager and a bus driver witnessed the incident and informed the family. After family members inquired at various police stations for three days, DSP Randhawa said, “You will not find [Gurmukh Singh] even if you run everywhere.”

Gurmukh Singh’s family learned of his execution through a witness who saw Gurmukh Singh’s body at the hospital. Satwant Singh Manak gave Gurmukh Singh’s family further information on his execution: “[They] killed Gurmukh [Singh] through brutally beating him at CIA Staff, Moga. And after keeping him for two hours, [they] took [him] to village Kokri Kalan (Moga), opened fire, and staged an encounter.” According to Manak, the police killed Gurmukh Singh along with Bahal Singh and Kehar Singh, as well as a fourth unknown individual.