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The Last Killing

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh was 40 to 45 years old when police killed him. He worked as a farmer and a truck driver and lived in Faridkot district. Baldev Singh was married to Baljit Kaur and had three children. Baljit Kaur describes her husband as a “very kind” and “gentle individual”. The police illegally detained Baldev Singh three times prior to his execution.

In spring 1992, two uniformed security officials and one man dressed in civil clothes from the Punjab Police from Faridkot took Baldev Singh into custody from a railroad crossing. According to Manak, SHO Naginder Singh Rana was part of the police party. Baldev Singh’s friend witnessed the abduction and security forces told him they were taking Baldev Singh to Faridkot police station.

In April 1992, security officials of the Punjab Police from Faridkot executed Baldev Singh. Baljit Kaur learned about her husband’s death from Manak, who implicates SHO Darshan Singh, DSP Bachan Singh Randhawa, and SI Hardial Singh Malhi in the killing. Kulwant Singh Kanta was also executed in the same incident.