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Last Memories

The survivors in Punjab have entrusted Ensaaf with memories of their loved ones to share with the world. We share with you a series of images that materialize those memories.

Manjit Singh’s Last Meal

Bachan Kaur remembers the last meal her son Manjit Singh had before Punjab Police abducted him from home and killed him in March 1992. Manjit Singh was 22 years old, and worked as a day laborer.

Balwinder Singh’s Turban

Balwinder Singh was 22 years old and wore a maroon turban on the day police killed him. On March 22, 1993, Punjab Police abducted Balwinder Singh while he was on a bus with his mother. Later that evening, they killed him in a fake encounter. The police did not return his body to his family.

Sarwan Singh’s Favorite Food

This is how Ravinder Kaur remembers her husband, Sarwan Singh, who was killed by the Punjab Police in 1993.

Harjinder Singh’s Wedding

Harjinder Singh was 26 years old when officials from Punjab Police, Central Reserve Police Force, and the Border Security Force killed him. His family did not receive his body or ashes.