The Last Killing

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Ensaaf is proud to present The Last Killing, an original documentary that chronicles police whistleblower Satwant Singh Manak’s fight for justice for the survivors of ten victims of unlawful killings. Today, May 23, marks 21 years since the Punjab Police filed false cases against Manak to punish him for standing up for human rights.

On April 2, Ensaaf helped Manak file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Join Manak and Ensaaf in the fight for justice by promoting the online release of The Last Killing.
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The Last Killing – Jagroop Singh

What does it feel like to have a loved one disappeared by the police? Watch Jagroop Singh explain. #TheLastKilling #Justice4Manak

The Last Killing – Baljeet Kaur

How far will you go to fight for justice? Be inspired by Manak. Tune in on May 23 to watch Manak’s story. #TheLastKilling #Justice4Manak

Manak’s Response to High Court Dismissal of His Case

On November 26, 2013, the Punjab & Haryana High Court allowed the appeal of the State of Punjab and reversed and nullified the decision of the Single Judge directing investigation by the CBI. Not only did it refuse to order an inquiry into Satwant Singh Manak’s allegations that he witnessed the Punjab Police torture and unlawfully kill ten people, it also fined Manak, ordering him to pay 2,000 rupees to each of the accused police officers.

Appear for the Disappeared on March 8, 2014

In this video, Surjeet Kaur recounts about Harjinder Singh, “When he was taken into custody, [the police] took him to the canal. There they dragged him and shot him. The pain stays with you your entire life…. He was so good natured. What is written, comes to pass.

Like Surjeet Kaur, thousands of mothers are still mourning the loss of their children who were disappeared or unlawfully killed by Indian security forces during the Decade of Disappearances.

“The Last Killing” Trailer

Satwant Singh Manak joined the Punjab Police with dreams of making his community safer. But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Punjab Police terrorized its own citizens in the name of fighting an insurgency, committing systematic and wide scale torture, disappearances, and unlawful killings. Manak silently witnessed the torture and executions of 15 unarmed individuals at the hands of his fellow police officers. The last killing he witnessed was of Kulwant Singh, a teenager studying in 10th grade. This injustice and brutality awakened Manak. He quit his job and filed a case against his fellow police officers. That case covers ten of the victims.

His courage came at a great cost. The police tortured Manak, fatally tortured his father, and threatened his family, but Manak has continued the fight for justice for over 20 years. The film follows him as he organizes the families of the victims to attend a hearing at the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Will the court decide to open an inquiry into the murders of their loved ones? Can justice be served in the lifetimes of these survivors? The film examines these questions through interviews with victims’ families, case advocate R.S. Bains, and human rights activist Mrs. Paramjit Kaur Khalra.

Watch Another Punjab Policeman Speak Out about Human Rights Abuses

In this video, former Punjab Police officer Lakhwinder Singh describes his experiences in the police force, where he witnessed his colleagues performing torture. He himself narrowly escaped a faked encounter. Lakhwinder Singh describes, however, how the police did kill his father in a faked encounter.

Punjab Cop Admits to Murdering Over 80 in Fake Encounters

After decades of denial by the Punjab Police that its officers unlawfully killed innocent Sikhs in fake encounters, Sub-Inspector (SI) Surjit Singh has made a public statement describing the atrocities committed by him and security forces in the early 1990s. Surjit Singh admits that then Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Paramjit Singh Gill of Amritsar district ordered him to kill 83 men in fake encounters. Recounting his initiation into the police force during the Punjab militancy, he states “The guilty were killed, and innocent [young men] were also brought to me to be killed. I didn’t know whether they were guilty or innocent, but I was told to kill them regardless.”

Disappeared But Not Forgotten

Despite everything being well, nothing is well
The mother whose son is not alive
The brother whose sister is dying
The wife whose husband, despite being alive, is not alive

– Gunjiv ‘Baagi’ Singh

The First Annual Ensaaf 5K Walk was a reminder of the need to achieve justice for those disappeared by Indian security forces from 1984 to 1995 in Punjab. Watch this video with footage of our supporters in Fremont, New York, and London walking in honor of victims of disappearances.

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Why Ambri Pukhraj Will Appear for the Disappeared (5K Walk)

In this video, Ensaaf’s Development Director Ambri Pukhraj, shares why she joined Ensaaf and invites you to participate in Appear for the Disappeared, Ensaaf’s 5K fundraising walk in Fremont, CA on April 6, 2013. We’re also thrilled to have supporters joining us in New York City and London! In both cities, a group of walkers will be walking for Appear for the Disappeared on April 6th. All of us will be connected through Skype. You can register for any of the walks here (you can register as a virtual walker as well)!. Please help us reach our goal of 500 walkers!