Chaman Lal in HD

Although the vast majority of India’s counterinsurgency victims in Punjab were Sikh, Chaman Lal’s plight shows how impunity empowered its security forces to target anyone, including poor Hindu families like his. For the first time, we invite you to watch Chaman Lal’s story in high-definition. His inspiring yet fruitless struggle to obtain justice for the illegal abduction and murder of his son reminds us that the fight to end impunity in Punjab is far from over.  Please share this video to give voice to Chaman Lal and the countless other parents who lost their children to India’s brutal counterinsurgency policies.


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    Chaman Lal is a great person and there is no doubt whatever he is doing appreciating everyone. I’ll share this post with countless others parents who lost their children. Thanks

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    Awesome blog and post! Cheers! How long has this blog been running now? The only thing is I seem to be having slight technical difficulties getting to your RSS feed though.

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    This is my first time to know about Chaman Lal and hopefully become impressed by the work which he doing. Thanks mate for sharing about him.

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